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Student-centered Learning (5 Hours)

Student-centered Learning (5 Hours)

Have you been longing to see a group of students who are self-motivated, engaged in their learning and able to make real-world connections?

Teachers committed to real development in their students look forward to lively, stimulating and effective learning environments where their students are self-motivated, able to build on what they already know and equipped for the real-world. The Student-centered Learning approach provides a fitting framework for building such an environment that shifts focus from the basic implementation of standardized curriculum and assignments, to a more creative, organic facilitation of subject content and student activity.

This course presents resources, research-validated strategies and practical examples to equip teachers with the necessary toolkit to seamlessly turn their classrooms into student-centered environments. Some questions answered in this course include – Why is there a need for teachers and schools to change their approach to education? How does the Student-centered Learning approach compliment achieving the common core standards? What is the teacher’s role in this new learning environment?

This course also details principles of Student-centered Learning, a comparison of teacher-led classrooms and student-centered classrooms, developing student-centered objectives, facets of understanding, practical teaching methods that can be used, and several online tools that will help achieve success.

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  • Great course. Succinct, clear and easy to follow. Full of useful information.
    Britt C.
  • Lots of practical ideas to use in every classroom that will sharpen my teacher skills.
    Patrick B.
  • It was a very good experience. I especially liked that I could work at my own this very busy life of working full time, being a single mom of 3 it is vital for teachers to have this kind of opportunity for educational growth.
    Holly D.
  • These classes have been fantastic. Easy to complete, yet filled with practical and relevant material.
    Christopher P.
  • This has been a great product for me to achieve my goal of license renewal
    Janet N.
  • Awesome course--so glad this is the direction education is taking. Very informative and well organized course!
    Fleta C.
  • It has been an excellent adventure for this ole teacher.
    Renee F.
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