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General Questions

Who can take Renew a Teaching License courses?
Teachers, substitute teachers, assistant teachers, paraprofessionals, education service professionals and stay-at-home-parents or others who want to maintain their teaching license credentials but are not currently teaching use Renew a Teaching License online courses to renew teaching certificates or licenses, develop Professional Development Learning Plan, meet PD Goals and aligned with staff development and state requirements for renewal.

What types of courses do you offer?
Renew a Teaching License courses are available in the following formats:

  • Self-study(watch a quick FAQ video)
    These courses are seminar replacement courses in which you study the course content and complete a quiz in order to earn a certificate of completion. There is no interaction with a course instructor. Most self-study courses are 5 clock hours. Self-study courses include 5 year access.
  • Graduate Credit Courses – (watch a quick FAQ video)
    Self-paced Professional Development Credit classes incorporate online content, quizzes, interactivities and a Course Action Plan you can put to use in your work environment. Receive semester graduate credits through a regionally accredited university. Learning takes place asynchronously, at your convenience, and may be completed over a period of 4 weeks. Note, teachers looking for graduate semester credits, please check with your issuing authority about whether it will accept these online teacher courses for graduate credit towards an advanced degree program or salary advancement.
  • CEU Courses – (watch a quick FAQ video)
    Self-paced CEU classes incorporate online content and quizzes through a regionally accredited university. There is no interaction with a course instructor. CEU courses are 10 hours each and include 5 year access.
  • Team PD Classes – Looking to save money or have a group of teachers in your school or district who are interested in free online PD? Tell your principal or school administrator about Connected PD.

Can I use Renew a Teaching License courses for workshops and seminars?
Yes, teachers often use our courses for workshop and seminar credits.

When does my course start?
All courses are available to start almost immediately. (If you don’t see your course, don’t panic. Please allow 15-30 minutes after payment is completed and reload your page).

When are classes scheduled?
Complete Renew a Teaching License classes online at your convenience, whether early in the morning or late at night. You decide. 

Where are classes held? Do I need to attend anything in person?
No, teachers are too busy for that! All courses are 100% on-line. 

Is there a time limit?
All self-study courses can be completed at your convenience. Other courses may have a more structured timeline. Please contact us regarding your needs and we will make sure you get into the courses that meet your requirements. 

How long does it take to complete a course?
Each course specifies how many hours it will take to complete in the course description. 

It doesn’t look like you have the course I need. What can I do?
Please contact us and our experts will help you find the right course to meet state requirements and your personalized Professional Learning Plan. (The course you need may be in development!) 

My Free PD Tracker sounds great for keeping track of my PD. Can I add PD I completed elsewhere, like at a conference or in-service at my school?
Yes. My PD Tracker helps teachers keep track of all of PD and hours in one convenient spot. And, all completed courses from both Professional Learning Board and Renew a Teaching License are in your Free PD Tracker for you.

COVID-19 Resources for Teachers and Schools

Does Professional Learning Board offer free PD and resources for teachers during the coronavirus pandemic?
Yes! Teachers can get free PD  to become a pro at online and hybrid teaching. Teachers and School Leaders can also enroll in the following PD courses: Hybrid Classroom Planning, Online Teaching Skills Program, and Hybrid School Planning.

New Website

As of January 1st, 2020 is brought to you by Professional Learning Board.

Why change the Professional Learning Board name and website?
Helping teachers with online PD is what we do best. The new site is more accessible and includes the best PD Tracker, a free way for you to record and keep track of all your professional and staff development hours.

I had an account on Do I need to create a new account on
No, you don’t need to create a new account. You can login here. However, you will need to reset your password the first time you login to the new website.

How do I access courses that I purchased before December 31st, 2019?
Click on My Courses in the menu and select courses purchased before December 31st, 2019.

Can I still buy courses on
You can find and purchase new courses at

What happens to the courses I have at
They can still be found there for you to access and complete.
Where are my previous Certificates of Completion?
Click here to access Certificates of Completion received for courses from Professional Learning Board purchased before December 31st, 2019.
The free PD Tracker sounds great for keeping track of my professional development and contact hours. Can I add PD and clock hours I completed from someplace else, like at a conference or in-service at my school?
Yes. My PD Tracker helps teachers keep track and record all PD hours in one convenient spot. And, all completed courses from both Professional Learning Board and Renew a Teaching License are included in the free PD Tracker for you.
What if I complete a course at the old site after January 1, 2020, will my courses show up on My PD Tracker?
Your records will be updated in My PD Tracker at on a regular basis.  If you need the information immediately, you can put the information into your free PD Tracker here (use your same username and just create a new password).


What technology do I need?
All Renew a Teaching License courses are accessible online and can be accessed from any internet-enabled device including a computer, smart phone or tablet. Courses do not require downloading and there are no textbooks to purchase, order or wait for. Plus, many courses include downloadable resources that teachers can use with students in a classroom.

Can I come back and finish a class later? In other words, if I purchase the course while on a computer, can I continue from my phone at another time?
Yes, access the course online from any internet connected device. And you can even return to the spot where you left off.

Do all courses offer audio narration?
Yes, except the Spanish for Educators class (but give it a try anyway because teachers love how this helps in a classroom!).

Discounts and Costs

How can I pay for courses?
Enroll with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Debit/Cash cards, check, e-check, Stripe, PayPal (you don’t need to have a PayPal account) or Purchase Order.

Do you offer discounts or free PD courses for teachers?
Yes, teachers can enroll in a free 5-hour PD course.  Be sure to also check out current coupons for more savings!

Financing is available through PayPal Credit and teachers have also been able to connect with workforce development, job placement funds, military and veterans benefits. Schools may be eligible to reimburse teachers through professional development Title funds as well.

Are graduate credit courses eligible for financial aid?
As these are not part of a degree program, students are generally not eligible for financial aid. If you are currently enrolled in a Master’s program, you might confirm with your institution.​

Do courses qualify for tax purposes?
Please contact your tax adviser regarding using education credits for tax purposes. If you need a copy of your receipt for a graduate PD credit course, contact the university partner.​

Semester Credits, Official Transcripts

What will I get from taking a Renew a Teaching License course?
You will get a printable certificate after successful completion of a course or an official transcript from a regionally accredited university partner, Department of Education affiliate or other associated initiating authority. Many teachers are able to receive salary advancements, differentials and rank and lane changes.

Will I receive an official transcript?
Yes, Renew a Teaching License is an academic partner with several regionally accredited universities that provide official  transcripts.

What is the value of semester graduate credits?
1 semester credit is generally equivalent to 15 to 20 contact hours. Contact your school or local education authority to determine how these are valued in your situation.

Can I use the graduate professional development courses towards a Master’s degree?
If you are currently enrolled in a Master’s program, please check with your institution regarding acceptance of and transferability of any credits toward your degree.​

Can I receive Lane/Rank Change or Salary Advancement credit?
Many teachers are able to receive credit toward lane changes through successful completion of courses. Please contact your local continuing education authority to determine lane, salary, differential and rank change policies.


Are your online PD courses accepted in my state?
Teachers and other education professionals use Renew a Teaching License courses to meet local and state licensing, relicensing and professional development requirements for certificate renewal. We always recommend to check with your local authorities regarding your specific circumstances and certification type.

Is Renew a Teaching License regionally accredited?
Our semester graduate PD credit courses are in partnership with a regionally accredited university, as well as recommended by State Departments of Education.

Can I receive CEUs (Continuing Education Units) or clock hours?
Teachers and other education professionals use Professional Learning Board classes to meet state licensing, relicensing and staff development requirements. All course descriptions (click here to find a course) list the number of hours, CEUs, clock hours, etc. Please review your local policies for the specific credit request process, relicensure and renewal policy. Continuing education graduate credit, CEU, CPDU, PLU, CLU, CPE, PDU, CTLE, PGP, PDP, and clock hour valuation is the final decision of your school district, continuing education committee or other relevant authority. Renew a Teaching License does not guarantee acceptance by your school, district or licensing authority.

We always recommend to check with your local authorities regarding your specific Professional Learning Plan needs.

Anything we can do to assist?
Please reach out to our expert support team.


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