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Need Help Teaching Online?
Hybrid teaching can be challenging!


Professional Learning Board offers 100% online self-study classes for teachers and substitute teachers to learn how to teach online, in the classroom, or a hybrid of both.




FREE Online PD Course


 Online Teaching Package


 Hybrid Teaching Package


Graduate PD Credit Course


How to Teach Online for the Classroom Teacher is a FREE 5-hour online PD course. 

✅ Gain new online teaching skills
✅ Learn cutting-edge tools and resources
✅ Become a virtual classroom pro

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 The Online Teaching Package is compiled of 6 online PD courses (30 hours!)

✅ Become an online teaching expert
✅ Explore distance learning resources
✅ Only $15/course

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The Hybrid Teaching Package is made up of 6 continuing education classes (30 hours!)

✅ Become a blended learning pro
✅ Gain new hybrid teaching skills
✅ Only $15/course

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Teaching Online for the Classroom Teacher is a semester graduate credit course designed for teachers to learn more about online teaching.

✅ Get an official transcript
✅ Regionally accredited university.

University of North Dakota
Adams State University
Ashland University

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