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online PD for schools

PD is a great opportunity for teachers to grow professionally and maintain their teaching license.

Unfortunately, in-school continuing education often takes takes out of the classroom and doesn’t align with each educator’s Professional Learning Plan. No one wants their Social Studies teacher to miss class for a STEM workshop!


With, schools gain access to an entire course catalog of 100% online, self-study PD. Teachers can choose staff development classes aligned with their professional goals and take them at their convenience.

Provide Professional Support
Assessments should always be focused on paving the way for improvement. With ConnectedPD, you can choose from a range of PD topics for your teachers. Does your Social Studies teacher struggle with classroom management? Simply assign a Classroom Management PD course and track their success online, anytime.


Flip PD

Often, PD  means teachers take time out of their busy schedules while a consultant is brought in to explain a new idea. Hopefully there’s time at the end for questions, right? Wrong!

What do you say we flip the perspective on PD? Save time, provide convenience, and build consensus for implementing change…with Connected PD.

Instead of bringing in a consultant and disrupting class time (whether its in-person or virtually), assign a self-paced online course teachers can take at their convenience. Once everyone is up to speed on the topic, gather your staff together and share ideas on implementing what they’ve learned.


Keep Teachers Teaching
With ConnectedPD from, teachers take online courses at their convenience, without having to miss class time. Teachers stay focused on teaching (whether its in the classroom or distance learning) and students stay engaged. 


BONUS: PD Tracker

Make sure teachers feel trusted and respected while ensuring their professional growth. With ConnectedPD, your teachers can track all  their professional learning, whether it’s online or at school, and you can track their progress―all without visiting a classroom or sending an email!

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