Online K-12 Teacher License Renewal Courses

About Us.

About US

“99% of teachers would take another course!”

Teachers are some of the busiest people on the planet. Picture this: You’re busy teaching, creating lesson plans, grading, and juggling a million other responsibilities when you glance down at your school supplies receipt and notice the date. Uh oh, your teaching license is up for renewal.

A thousand questions start flashing through your mind:

     “What are the requirements to renew my license?”

     “How can I fit PD into my already jam-packed schedule?”

     “Even though I need to renew my license to continue working, where can I find low-cost PD?”

That’s where Renew a Teaching License by Professional Learning Board comes in. Created over 16 years ago by Ellen Paxton, a two-time National Board Certified Teacher, Renew a Teaching License provides affordable and accessible online PD for teachers in all 50 states.

Renew a Teaching License is recommended by numerous State Departments of Education as an approved provider for renewing a teaching certificate or license. With a 100% online platform, teachers take self-study courses or graduate semester classes through regionally accredited universities. Choose from a catalog of courses designed to meet your Professional Learning Plan requirements and renew your certificate at your convenience.

Find online classes to meet your state requirements and renewal needs. Every decision we make is with teachers in mind. It’s our promise.

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