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Project Management for Students through Project-based Learning (5 Hours)

Project Management for Students through Project-based Learning (5 Hours)

Project management encompasses a range of skills that are highly prized in the world today and include - research, collaboration, communication, leadership, problem-solving and cooperation. For the education system to truly fulfill its purpose of preparing students for a world that requires a mastery of such skills, teachers must be able to find ways to integrate project management training into their classrooms without disrupting the curricular learning. Keeping in view the challenges this poses, teachers are presented with project-based learning, as a means to successfully develop students' needed skills, while simultaneously keeping the focus on topics within the curriculum. The integration of projects into classroom teaching is based on the finding that, often the best way students learn is by doing. Teachers are provided with a range of examples and strategies, along with an in-depth view into the effective use of projects, and understanding of how they can influence student growth at every stage.

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  • This was a great and personalized way for me to obtain credit that I needed for certification.
    Lisa W.
  • I think these classes are fabulous. I love working at my own pace and being able to take notes effortlessly with a due computer set up.
    Leslie G.
  • I am glad to have the opportunity to take the quiz untimed. I had learned a lot about this online course and the opportunity to see the errors while taking the quiz. I have implemented many of the project-based learning practices into my classroom already. Some of the research and information in this course gave me additional presentation ideas for students in my classroom.
    Debbie G
  • I will use the information in my classroom next year.
    Vonda B.
  • I had so much fun with your classes. I cannot wait to take more.
    Sarah S.
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