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Transformative Classroom Management (5 Hours)

Transformative Classroom Management (5 Hours)

All students are unique and group dynamics, cultural backgrounds, and experiences vary — sometimes dramatically. But for the most part, sound ideas get positive results and unsound ideas get mixed results at best.

Not all ideas sold in the marketplace of classroom management strategies lead to desirable results. In fact, many of the most popular ideas result in more harm than good.

This online PD course is a synthesis of what’s effective in the area of classroom management. It builds on extensive time, real experiences of teachers, observations of hundreds of classrooms, research, and the best ideas put into successful practice.

Online self-study PD courses help teachers complete continuing education requirements.

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  • Wonderful advice, tips, and examples. I especially loved the application of extrinsic motivation techniques. And the examples of providing a consistent implementation of consequences without resorting to warnings or lack of follow-through on behalf of the teacher were very good reminders. Great tips, logic, and helpful handouts as always! Looking forward to more classes and training from you throughout the year!
    Cindy P.
  • While most of this was a review, it was a good review. It helped to make explicit some of the practices that I think have helped me to be successful, but which some of the teachers that I coach struggle with. Having this review will help me to better coach my teachers.
    Lindsey A.
  • The content was good and course was user friendly. I found examples most helpful for application of concepts, when verbiage became technical or exacting.
    Anne N.
  • Most useful course yet! I recognized my classroom management strategies in your course as being outdated and in need of a change. Thanks!
    Nancy P.
  • Thank you so much! I would have loved to see some videos of classroom management.
    Eman H.
  • The content was very deep. The quiz was also thoughtfully put together. It summarized the main ideas.
    Jennifer M.
  • Course was very good and beneficial. I will use what I've learned in the classroom.
    Patricia P.
  • I appreciated the way this class provided many classroom-ready strategies to use for classroom management. Some information was new, but all information was a good reminder of best practices.
    John S.
  • This was a good class.
    Karl G.
  • Great info- I see many teachers doing what they say not to. These teachers are not effective and unhappy.
    Jeffrey S.
  • I loved the lesson 4 section. I think a whole class on how to specifically develop intrinsic motivation would be great! Would still like to know more.(:
    Jennifer J.
  • I found the course to be informative and easy to put into effect immediately. The format of the online course is very accessible and easy to use. This is a great benefit considering how precious time can be.
    Heather B.
  • This is a great option for when I need to get hours for a very specific part of my clock hour requirements at an affordable price .Especially during a time that I was not directly employed at a school this was a great resource for me to make sure I could keep my license current. Thanks!
    Kathleen L.
  • Even though the content was not new to me, I enjoyed the class thoroughly, because it allowed me a good opportunity to reflect on my current teaching practices and consider how I am or am not actually implementing these best classroom management practices. As a result, I have generated a list of suggestions/ideas for myself, as there were many areas I found in which I need to improve. Thank you for this class offering!
    Jennifer S.
  • I enjoyed Transformative Classroom Management. The material was interesting, useful, and presented in an attractive format.
    Laura S.
  • In my opinion this has been one of the best courses I have taken on PLB so far. I think it could be made even better by adding even more case studies.
    Charis S.
  • This was an interesting topic. I would have liked additional readings from the author's cited, for example a chapter written by Alfie Kohn, for example, or more links to primary sources on the topic.
    Darlene O.
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