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Formative Assessment (5 Hours)

Formative Assessment (5 Hours)

Formative assessments allow teachers to respond to a student's needs quickly, and, even more importantly, allows the student to shape instruction. Effective formative assessments result in instruction that meets the needs of each student.

In this innovative online PD course, teachers learn about and implement formative assessments. Discover and demonstrate for yourself, your students, and your community what happens when students are truly learning.

Online self-study PD courses help teachers complete continuing education requirements.

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  • This course offered an in-depth look at Formative and Summative Assessment and how they should be used in the student learning process. Thank you for the wealth of information from this course that can be put to practical use.
    Janice P.
  • Good review on formative assessments.
    Alyssa B.
  • Super helpful information! Great that you defined the difference between Formative and Summative Assessment, and gave examples of each. Good review and build upon knowledge with emphasis on aligning to Standards and Learning and not grades!
    Montana L.
  • Thank you - I enjoyed the course, good information - nice to review the difference between summative and formative assessments. Need to use more formative in our classrooms.
    Elizabeth H.
  • Formative assessment is helping the student adjust their own learning to reach the desired goals. Thank you.
    Renee F.
  • Great lesson on what Formative assessment is compared with summative assessment!
    Michael K.
  • Finally, formative assessments are easily explained. Thank you. Your information on Rubrics was amazing. Thank you for the Rubric explanation.
    Lisa L
  • This was a wonderful experience!! I loved the course - the content, the ease of access, the flexibility to complete the requirements on my own time, and the length of the course (5 hours was perfect - not too short as to not develop an enhanced understanding of the content but not too long as to take an inordinate amount of time). I will definitely be completing additional courses!
    Melissa M.
  • The Formative Assessment course was one of the best PLB courses I completed (and I have taken about 20 courses). It was very informative and to the point. I especially liked the pre-test. It was obviously setting an example and it helped me to understand the concept and benefit of formative assessment. Well done!
    Rita P.
  • This was an insightful and timely course -- reflecting the latest thinking in educational best practices. The course illustrates that, for educators, there is much more to PROPER formative assessment, than meets the eye!
    Richard H.
  • I really enjoyed this class! I learned a lot, and I loved the online, self-guided format. I would definitely recommend this class to others.
    Casey C.
  • This was very informative and convenient for me. Thanks!
    Megan R,
  • Many thanks to you! I learned a great deal. The course proved excellent!
    Joy W.
  • Thank you, it was a simple easy way to acquire a quick knowledge on the topic of Formative assessment.
    Debra K.
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