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Cognitive Skills - Understanding Learning Challenges (5 Hours)

Cognitive Skills - Understanding Learning Challenges (5 Hours)

The U.S. Department of Education and others indicate that weak cognitive skills are the source of over 80% of learning problems.

Students approach each task with varying learning tools, called cognitive skills, and these skills determine the quality, speed, and ease with which individuals learn and perform.

This online PD course provides methods for detecting students with weak cognitive skills and tools to strengthen those skills. Teachers will receive understanding, as well as ways to apply development techniques in the classroom. This fun and interactive course includes information about new brain research and how it can impact today’s classrooms.

Online self-study PD courses help teachers complete continuing education requirements.

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  • Wow!! This was rich in content beyond what I expected. Loved the real science behind learning. Thank you for the extras at the end of the course. Printed them off to use in my classroom right away!
    Mary S.
  • This is a topic many teachers know nothing about, and it explains so much. I have worked in therapies with my own children, so I was curious to see what I would learn in this course. It was very informative, and I did make a few new connections. Greatly appreciated! Thank you.
    Holli S.
  • I found all of the brain information interesting.
    Leann H.
  • I feel this is the strongest course I have taken so far, because it made the best use of non-lecture style (reading, since this is an online class) methods of delivery: analogies (very effective), video, and diagrams. Also, the resource list was helpful for future reference. I will use my lifetime subscription for this course b/c I will surely reference this material again during y professional work. Thank you!!
    Anika S.
  • Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the course.
    Manahalla A.
  • Cognitive Skills was an excellent and timely course. As a Special Education teacher with 17 successful years of teaching experience, I found the course engaging, flowing with content new to me, and exactly what I needed in the the areas of cognition. Bravo to Dr. Ken Gibson!! We need more academics like this. Dr. Gibson is down-to-earth, authoritative, and funny. I could listen to him all day.
    Richard H.
  • Thank you. This was an interesting and very well put together course.
    Janis B
  • Great, thanks so much!
    Glenn C.
  • Excellent sequential presentation of information.
    Pam O.
  • This was the perfect course for me. I learned many new things and am excited to put what i learned to use.
    Merrilee W.
  • This class was informative.
    Rebecca P.
  • I enjoyed the course very much. The content was perfect for school based speech therapists and I will be able to use the information with my students. Thank you.
    Molly J.
  • Thank you! I appreciate that this is available to educators! Well-done!
    Amal D.
  • This was an excellent course and was very engaging! I feel excited about using new strategies with my students who have cognitive skills deficits and helping them build these skills.
    Monika S.
  • I found this course very interesting. Much of the content was new to me and just made sense!
    Nancy D.
  • This class was extremely interesting to me. The videos interspersed throughout helped to cement understanding. I would HIGHLY recommend this class. Very informative.
    Karen M.
  • Very informative. Great resources!
    Michael S.
  • I enjoyed this course! It is providing positive and new ways of thinking and learning.
    Debra S.
  • This was very informative! Some is difficult to do in a classroom of many students, but really good info especially when trying to help those kids that don't qualify for aid and fall through the cracks. This is one of the best classes I've taken on this site!
    Robyn W.
  • Enjoyed learning about cognitive skills. Wish I know more about this when I was still teaching.
    Belinda L.
  • Great class! It was a nice refresher course! I learned the material ages ago and it was nice to review.
    Hope B.
  • Wow! Fantastic information-- looking forward to utilizing these strategies in my classroom!
    Shannon H.
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