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Autism, ADHD, and Gifted Students: Understanding Special Learning Populations (1 semester credit - Cal Poly Humboldt)

Autism, ADHD, and Gifted Students: Understanding Special Learning Populations (1 semester credit - Cal Poly Humboldt)

As teachers, we all face situations where we accommodate students with special needs in our classrooms. This integrated course is designed to help teachers encourage and maximize each child’s potential.

Terms like autism, ADHD, learning disability, and gifted learners are being constantly used. As an educator, how can you enhance their learning ability?

This online PD course has three parts, each one dedicating to a particular special population: Autism, ADHD, and Gifted Learners. Along with enhancing an educator’s skills, the course is filled with ideas and suggestions that promote your confidence in handling children of differing abilities.

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  • I liked this course as a teacher and as a parent of a gifted child. There were strategies I could use right away to honor different students and their strengths.
    Christina S.
  • Thoughtful insights into how to help students with Autism reach their highest potential.
    Bethany G.
  • This course was well planned and informative. It was a clear look at symptoms, the six types of ADHD, and possible treatments. A particularly strong part of the course was the look at the brain in an ADHD student.
    Gail M.
  • I thought this class gave a thoughtful look at gifted learning with good information and resources. The length was just right. It gave me enough time to look into things further, but still enough content to gain a lot of my learning there.
    Ingrid A.
  • Interesting topics and a good review of Bloom's taxonomy as a way to challenge gifted learners. I especially enjoyed the practical strategies, and learning more about the sensibilities and needs of gifted learners.
    Aldea L.
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