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Reading Across the Curriculum (1 Graduate Professional Development Credit - University of North Dakota)

Reading Across the Curriculum (1 Graduate Professional Development Credit - University of North Dakota)

Reading should be a meaningful activity that is focused on comprehension and that results in understanding. The strategies in this course are imperative for all educators to help their students become proficient readers.

Reading Across the Curriculum helps teachers understand how to assess reading skills in the classroom and plan instruction accordingly. When every day teaching is carefully designed around this type of data it means that all students can learn and grow.

Tackling Tough Text equips educators to empower their students with confidence when handling tough text. Strategies to break down, engage and interact with the text are all explained in detail. Reading is a complex cognitive process that develops cognitive skills.

In Guided Reading, the teacher acts as a facilitator for small groups. In these groups, students are encouraged to critically analyze what they read, while using proven reading strategies such as summarizing, predicting, clarifying, revisiting, rereading, connecting, and so much more. Guided Reading also encourages students to make real-world connections between the reading material and their lives. Guided Reading is the bridge between shared reading and independent reading. Through the use of the Guided Reading strategy, a teacher helps the student grow out of teacher modeled reading to independent self-reading and self-correcting. Teachers scaffold the literacy learning of the Guided Reading group to help them transition from the previously taught shared reading, to independent reading via guided reading. 

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  •     Use reading assessments to identify how easy or difficult text is for each student.
  •     Recognize the importance of fluency in reading to support general academic comprehension.
  •     Plan implementation of a reading strategy in the classroom.

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  • Very easy to access and participate with. Content was excellent. I will definitely be back for more!
    Sarah B.
  • I found this course very helpful. I plan on using the various charts that were presented during the course. Thank you!
    Denise L.
  • I like how the content in this course is organized and the resources provided are very useful for classroom application. The quizzes in combination with the Course Action Plan are a reasonable amount of work for a one credit course.
    Lee J.
  • I truly enjoyed and felt enriched by this course. The content was solid and made me think and rethink. I spent hours reading, re reading, talking with colleagues, and developing my action plan; it was good for my brain!
    Gail M.
  • The course was really good in organizational layout. Did a nice job explaining how to approach different strategies...I enjoyed it and learned a lot!
    Mary L.
  • I liked the templates and suggested websites.
    Tiffahn K.
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