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Technology for Learning (1 semester credit - Ashland University)

Technology for Learning (1 semester credit - Ashland University)

Teachers in this course learn how to critically consider apps and software, specific implications of use and educational impact prior to implementation with students. In the course, teachers learn to plan and organize technology for smooth and efficient classroom use as well as how to design and create flipped classroom lessons.

iPads in the Classroom demonstrates the multiple ways iPads and tablets can be used in your classroom in order foster the development of 21st century skills right from kindergarten to high school.

Apps for Education enables educators to identify apps that promote imagination, experimentation, innovation and collaboration in the classrooms. This course helps teachers review and reflect on the different pros and cons of any app that they wish to introduce and helps them choose apps that are safe and complement learning objectives.

Flipping Classrooms introduces the concept of flipping classroom instruction such that delivery of content occurs outside the classroom. This enables precious teacher-student time to be used for digging deeper into content and making real connections. This section also helps teachers learn the basics of creating their own flipped classroom videos. 

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  •     Identify technology and apps to make lessons more effective.
  •     Recognize key elements, types, benefits and concerns regarding Flipped Classrooms.
  •     Plan implementation of technology in the classroom.

Online semester graduate credit courses help teachers complete continuing education requirements.

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  • Information was appropriate and helpful.
    David M.
  • Material was well organized and the navigation through the course was easy. I liked the combination of quizzes with the application assignment.
    Lee J.
  • I really like the program which is very helpful and more flexible !
    Wing W.
  • Well done! Thank you for creating the Professional Learning Board. Keep creating courses. So much more needed.
    Amal D.
  • This was great! I will definitely be taking more classes. I gained a lot of useful information for using apps in my classroom.
    Kelly S.
  • Thank you for sharing such helpful classes full of useful information.
    Donna S.
  • Enjoyed learning about new educational apps that i can use with my students.
    Jennifer A.
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