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Ethics for Education Professionals (5 Hours)

Ethics for Education Professionals (5 Hours)

It's easy for boundaries to become blurred. Things that previously may have been black and white are now gray. Where do we draw the lines?

Even though most people believe that their actions are guided by logic and reason, we all have an innate ethical sense that urges us to make predictable choices. Ethics education is about recognizing our own innate ethical sense and how it influences our behavior.

By stepping inside this online PD course and through reflection and introspection, you'll discover a clearer understanding of the innate ethical self. You’ll find tools and tips for bringing high standards of ethics into school and a variety of topics to explore practical ways of addressing ethical decisions.

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  • The information on the Professional Learning Board courses is presented in an engaging way, which makes taking the courses enjoyable.
    Clarissa E.
  • Thank you for making such a user-friendly, easy-to-follow course. The information was insightful and applicable. Thanks again.
    Hunter J.
  • I knew from early in the lessons I was going to enjoy diving into this course. This course had excellent professional advice, methods of ensuring professional behavior and choices, and empowering ethical behavior and integrity including reporting even when it's not easy to do. Doing the right thing.
    Cindy P.
  • Thank you for allowing me to take this course on Ethics. It was very beneficial, and I gained a great deal professionally from taking this 5 hour course. It was excellent.
    Jimmy D.
  • Thank you for the opportunity. I really needed it to be able to perform my job better and on an higher level.
    Rebecca J.
  • Very good course, thank you.
    Seth C.
  • I think being an online course sounds scary or tough for some people, but this course made it easy to use and understand. There were no problems using the technology or understanding the material.
    Jason R.
  • I was pleasantly surprised at the respectful and compassionate tone that the course took towards teachers who are tempted to commit boundary violations. At the same time, the message was clear that teachers need to maintain firm ethical boundaries and seek help when they are struggling with personal issues which impact their ability to maintain professional boundaries.
    Christopher L.
  • I'm loving it! SO much more interesting and practical than college courses. Thanks.
    Ryan C.
  • I found it beneficial to review and keep things like ethics in the forefront of my brain moving forward. Nice cobweb cleaning and things to consider. ; )
    Rebecka R.
  • Thank you! I will strongly recommend this course to my colleagues.
    Sandra T.
  • This was a nice approach to the ethics issues that are only too real--Its great that this is included in this set of courses. Lots of food for thought. Thanks!
    Fleta C.
  • This was a timely and thorough course on Ethics for Educational Professionals.
    Richard H.
  • This was a good course... Ethics, of course, is always good to be mindful.
    Karl H.
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