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ELL & ESL Instructional Strategies (1 Graduate Professional Development Credit - University of North Dakota)

ELL & ESL Instructional Strategies (1 Graduate Professional Development Credit - University of North Dakota)

Modifying instruction and curriculum to support every student can be a challenge. This course is brimming with ideas and strategies to help you maximize instruction and cater to the individual needs of each learner.

This online PD course enhances knowledge in the process of second language acquisition, including strategies to promote effective interaction between ELL students and their classmates, as well as approaches for adapting and modifying material to suit the learning needs of ELLs and ESLs.

The last section of this course focuses specifically on engaging with Spanish speaking students and their families.

Online semester graduate PD credit courses help teachers complete continuing education requirements.

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    After completing the course, you will be directed to the university for registration.

  • This course was well paced and relevant to my current teaching assignment.
    Michelle G.
  • I found this course to be easy to use, quite informative, and full of skills and strategies that can be implemented in my professional practice. It was even fun at times. Thank you for offering this course, it helped me complete my recertification requirements and add a solid dose of PD to my summer!
    Wesley B.
  • I found the last section, Spanish for Educators, very helpful.
    Elizabeth D.
  • This was a great course full of resources and easy to navigate.
    Kyla G.
  • This course was very informational, easy to navigate through and a great review of the SEI course. As a teacher who works with ELLs, it was great to look back on the many strategies that are so helpful to my students. I love that the end of the course provided time to practice using Spanish and gave very useful phrases that can be used in the classroom.
    Lisa F.
  • This course was full of practical ideas for creating a welcoming environment for English Language Learners. I appreciate the emphasis on maintaining cultural sensitivity and respect in the areas where culture might create a gap between student performance and teacher expectation.
    Gloria D.
  • Helpful overview for ELL students. This courses reaffirmed what I have been doing with my students and gave me some insights on things I can improve on/emphasize in the next school year. Thank you!
    Suzanne T.
  • The information provided in this course was very helpful and I look forward to implementing strategies I have learned to work with ELL students.
    Christine G.
  • I really enjoyed the course I took. It refreshed my memory on different reading techniques. I liked the way it was set up and found the read aloud feature to be valuable.
    Margaret H.
  • The additional resources, website links, and articles really enriched the content. The checks for understanding included practical application that made me think more deeply about the information in the course. I really appreciated these features.
    Jennifer M.
  • I am using what I learned in this class on a regular basis.
    Pam C.
  • Overall, this was an informative course with well-documented information on best practices in education. I learned a few new strategies that will be useful in my ELL classes. In addition, it's difficult to find many good quality online courses on ELL instruction and assessment, so this was a helpful option. Thank you!
    Lori R.
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