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Hybrid School Planning for Administrators (30 Hours, includes project)

Hybrid School Planning for Administrators (30 Hours, includes project)

Flexible school practices for hybrid education can easily transition from face-to-face schooling to online learning or hybrid teaching. When there is a change in plan and the teacher or students have to join from an alternate location, the flexible school is transition-ready and ensures continuity. 

This program helps school administrators understand, self-assess, plan and implement flexibility that provides the resources and tools that can be used to prepare for unpredictability and smooth transitions. Strategies can be put into place right away that strengthen online teaching and learning, technology and infrastructure, safety protocols, parent partnerships and more. The course has dozens of additional resources including customizable templates, materials, tools, guidelines and examples to help school leaders and teachers with implementation.

School administrators implement practical tools, learn from experts, and become online and hybrid pros in this 30 hour self-paced course:

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  • This course has been very enlightening. Since I am not currently in the classroom, I have not been privy to the challenges and success that teachers and administrators have incurred over the past few years dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

    My initial thoughts of a hybrid school model were somewhat accurate. I figured this model incorporated in-person and remote teaching and learning. What I discovered is that this type of model includes synchronous and asynchronous instruction. Teachers will need to understand the difference and create lesson plans accordingly.
    Laconyea H.
  • The PLC handouts were quite good and I will share them with the Learning Coach. I will also share the free PD that is offered. The Virtual Teacher's Lounge was new to me and I would like to research that some more and share with the staff.

    All the assignments helped me in thinking about what is in place, what is working, what is not working, and what are next steps may need to be. We are a work in progress and is educational and beneficial to reflect on that. We often get caught up in the moment and do not truly evaluate the current protocols.
    Ellen A.
  • I feel much more confident in leading our teachers to set up their classrooms. Although I was proud of what we were able to accomplish this past year, I now see where we can do a much better job in setting up the classroom such that both online and in person students can both see and hear each other during class. Perhaps the biggest area I feel more comfortable with is leading the teachers in establishing a more intentional and consistent approach to teaching internet safety. I look forward to continuing to dig through the many resources that have been shared.
    Michael F.
  • Thank you for offering relevant content to ongoing professional development, resources and for the flexibility to learn anywhere!
    Michelle J.
  • These courses are the perfect way for me to work towards my license renewal on a schedule that fits my young family. Thought provoking, convenient, and affordable - Thank you!
    Katherine N.
  • I've enjoyed all the courses I've taken with PLB. The information is usable and current. I will be implementing many of the ideas and strategies in the classroom. Thank you for such an easy to use platform.
    Suzanne B.
  • Very helpful to use this website when I am renewing my teaching license while working abroad.
    Johannah H.
  • Your customer service is amazing! I can't tell you how much it means to me that your customer service reps responded within minutes. That is definitely a selling point to me!
    Jennifer B.
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