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IEPs: Documentation and Implementation for Teachers (5 Hours)

IEPs: Documentation and Implementation for Teachers (5 Hours)

The goal of this course is to help teachers understand the IEP process and build the teachers comfort level in developing, aligning with and carrying out the IEP through rich examples and templates to help teachers understand and practically use the recommended strategies in a classroom setting. This course helps teachers provide children who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) with an appropriate education in the least restrictive environment. It is designed to educate the educators on the various regulations and requirements while helping to develop a team that works together to improve educational results for children with special needs. Teachers will examine various supports and services a student with special needs may receive for instruction and testing.

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  • This course was very helpful in helping me better understand student IEP's. I now feel more comfortable reading and understanding student IEP's and the process involved with drafting and finalizing them. Before taking this course, my knowledge of IEP's was minimal, but now I feel more confidant and with more practice and application in a school setting, I will feel more comfortable. This course presents an excellent overview of IEP's!
    Nicole Y.
  • Excellent content and design. I really learned a lot and feel much more adept at working with my Special Education and 504 Plan students. Thank you.
    Christine J.
  • This was super helpful. I now know a lot more about what's going on with who, who's responsible for what, etc... while sitting in an IEP meeting!
    Rebecka R.
  • This is a great way to receive relicensure hours and credits and a wonderful and convenient format.
    Vicki M.
  • I really enjoyed this course. Thank you.
    Tolulope F.
  • Great source of useful information.
    Michael S.
  • I value this website and service. Here are my comments: 1) Most of the content is excellent. 2) I love that I can take the courses at my own pace. 3) I appreciate that you have sales that make them affordable. 4) The customer service has been outstanding. Thank you!
    Sarah H.
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