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Pedagogy Essentials: Focus on Instructional Strategies and Curriculum Development (1 semester credit - Humboldt State University)

Pedagogy Essentials: Focus on Instructional Strategies and Curriculum Development (1 semester credit - Humboldt State University)

‘Pedagogy’ is both the science and art of education. In teaching practice, there is often a disconnect, between the theory we read about, and the realities in the classroom. This course is designed to target and bridge that gap while helping teachers to pinpoint practical ways of harnessing research and pedagogical guidelines that directly benefit teaching.

Examine how teachers use research findings to choose the most efficient instructional methods that encourage and build students’ desires to explore and learn with information on research based instructional strategies that can be adapted to address different areas of learning while improving student achievement. The second section considers how teachers can develop an effective curriculum. The ultimate goal here is to equip teachers to create powerful, yet practical units and lesson plans that enable students to learn more effectively and efficiently.

In the final section, explore the largely practical realm of teacher organization. You will be provided with organizational strategies and resources that assist you in providing the best instruction and assessment for students with the least amount of time and effort. Making this content relevant to the 21st century teacher, examine how to use technology and organize the various components of not just the classroom, but also all of your other responsibilities. Start organizing your classroom today.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  •  Modify instructional practices for increased student engagement.
  •  Outline a strategy to improve curriculum.
  •  Arrange classroom space to better serve more learners.
  •  Use technology tools to effectively plan, communicate and evaluate.

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  • A terrific, inspiring, thoughtful course that I will put to use, especially the technology section.
    Michael H.
  • Great experience. Will take more courses in the future.
    Angela Y.
    Annette D.
  • Great course.
    Lacy D
  • Fantastic!!!! Can't wait to take more of your offerings.
    Sarah S.
  • I really enjoy your classes. I noticed you are adding new courses and I think that is GREAT! Thank you.
    Denise L.
  • It was interesting and gave me many things to consider for this new school year. LoriBeth T.
    LoriBeth T.
  • Thank you for the extremely prompt and helpful response. This Organization course was helpful with explaining all the online apps and programs out there. PLB is a perfect option for me right now.
    Megan K.
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