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Trauma Sensitive Teaching (5 Hours)

Trauma Sensitive Teaching (5 Hours)

This course enables educators to become more attuned to the signs of trauma that impede student learning. Integrating trauma sensitive teaching methodologies create a learning environment that is conducive to the academic development of all students.

Through this online PD course, educators will learn about the ways in which trauma impacts learning behaviors, and the strategies they can adopt to help students regulate their emotions, build resilience, and thrive both within and beyond the classroom. Packed with innumerable tips, strategies, and real-life examples for teachers who wish to master the art of trauma sensitive teaching, this course is an incredible resource for teachers everywhere.

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  • Very good course! This course should be required by all school districts and made available to all teachers! Students come in with all types of experiences and past hurts/traumas. This course gives numerous examples and strategies that work.
    Lee S.
  • Great interactive course. A good blend of information and videos to keep things interesting. A great topic in todays world as we are all dealing with some level of trauma after the pandemic whether we have acknowledged it or not.
    Karin Z.
  • Using student scenarios for the quiz was a refreshing change of pace and this format was particularly suited to the content.
    Joyce B.
  • Excellent course .
    Laura L.
  • I really enjoyed the interspersed YouTube videos to supplement the course content.
    Lindsey D.
  • These courses are the perfect way for me to work towards my license renewal on a schedule that fits my young family. Thought provoking, convenient, and affordable. Thank you!
    Katherine N.
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