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Technology for Today’s Classrooms (15 Hours)

Technology for Today’s Classrooms (15 Hours)

This three part integrated course, Technology for Today's Classroom, helps to bridge the gap, enabling safe implementation of technology in classrooms and preventing misuse by either students or adults while promoting effective learning.

The first section enhances professional development by presenting tools, techniques and resources to advance skills in using technology. Introduction to Technology for Teachers highlights the advantages of using technology as both a resource and a tool for educators in their classrooms.

Technology can promote effective learning only when used in the right manner. Technology in the 21st Century Classroom imparts valuable information regarding the principles of integrating technology in a way that promotes learning without being a distraction.

The third section of this course stresses the need to protect students from possible dangers in the online world. It helps to create awareness about the threats existing in the virtual world. Internet Safety is filled with practical ideas and steps that educators can take to ensure safety of the students who have access to the internet whether through classroom technology, at home or via their cell phones.

This integrated course helps educators gain an extensive outlook using technology effectively and safely.

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  • Technology Today was an excellent on-line course. It was very informative, and I learned about new technology issues happening in this world today. It was very easy to continue where I left off. I would recommend this program to others. Thank You.
    Bernadette B.
  • Lots of great ideas for how to incorporate tech into class lessons! I had never thought of using some of the tools talked about in this course but are excited to try some out!
    Kenley B.
  • Thank you for providing this convenient online learning experience. I appreciate having access to this material even after completing the course.
    Nancy I.
  • I have already highly recommended PLB to my colleges. I was truly pleased with the content, the pace and the links provided in my Technology course. This was my first experience taking an online course and I must say that PLB made it painless. Thanks to this course I have learned to make technology an essential part of my teaching. I was integrating technology, but now I have gained at better understanding of what it means to effectively use technology to facilitate learning. The links and videos that were part of the course are extremely useful and already part of my Digo account. Thanks for making professional development relevant, easy, practical and affordable! PLB is simply the BEST!
    Andrea G.
  • This course was more useful than I thought it would be during the introduction. Having used technology in my classroom for the past 20 years, I was somewhat insulted by the first section of the course. I do not need convincing that technology is an essential tool to enrich student learning opportunities. Most of the content has already been used in my classroom, however, there were some areas that I have not done much with, and this interested me. I think that additional courses offered on specific topics would greatly enhance professional development. The most helpful part of the course were the links offered.
    Darlene O.
  • This appears to be a freshly updated course on technology for educators. I have long thought that I was especially tech savvy -- until now! Through this PLB course, I learned a great deal more on the use of blogs, social media, podcasting, Google Earth, and the ""flipped classroom."" This is all practical knowledge that can easily be applied to enhancing my everyday classroom!
    Richard H.
  • I am very pleased with the content and format of all the PLB courses I have taken thus far. One of the most helpful aspects of this website is that one is able to view which courses are aligned with each state's requirements. Great work! Will continue to take more courses on PLB! Also, love receiving emails regarding special pricing.
    Theresa V
  • I cannot wait to apply some of this technology in the classroom.
    Dain T
  • I appreciate having to go online to continue my learning this way.
    Julia N.
  • I have enjoyed all the courses. I am anxious to use some of the suggestions from the course such as; Google Earth, QR code for a treasure hunt, etc. Thank you!
    Denise L.
  • I liked the descriptions of each type of technology that you can use in the classroom. Quite a lot of it was new to me, like the use of blogging and live binders in the classroom. It gave me a lot of ideas that I can use to incorporate these things into my classroom.
    Denise D.
  • I appreciated the shortcuts to websites for further information. There have been so many changes in the last few years, without training and keeping up with technology, it makes it difficult to sub with confidence. Although, I will say, the children are very proficient at 'helping'.
    Kathleen P.
  • Technology Today, was an excellent on-line course. It was very informative, and I learned about new technology issues happening in this world today. It was very easy to continue where I left off. I would recommend this program to others. Thank You.
    Bernadette B.
  • This was a great course. I really gained some valuable information.
    Michael S.
  • It was interesting and gave me many things to consider for this new school year.
    LoriBeth T.
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