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Cohesive Classroom Communities: Understanding Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Effective Classroom Collaboration (1 semester credit - Cal Poly Humboldt)

Cohesive Classroom Communities: Understanding Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Effective Classroom Collaboration (1 semester credit - Cal Poly Humboldt)

A teacher’s role can be summarized as ‘the provider of learning.’ This course helps teachers recognize key warning signs and navigate mental health issues to build safe classroom environments and encourage optimal learning.

The first section, Classroom Collaboration, is designed to educate teachers about collaborative instruction, involving joint intellectual effort by students, and teachers together. Strategies, examples, and printable templates are included to help teachers implement improved practices in their own classrooms.

Taking this forward, the second section, focuses on Mental Health, helping teachers understand mental illness, and accommodate students who have been diagnosed with mental illnesses, in their classrooms. This section also provides the key warning signs of early-onset mental illnesses in children and adolescents, the potential connection to substance use, knowledge of steps to be taken if such warning signs are observed; as well as information about specific conditions like ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Depression, and Bipolar Disorder. To equip teachers for adverse circumstances, the third section titled, ‘Suicide Prevention’, focuses on the role teachers can play in preventing suicide. The creative techniques presented in this course can be used to build strong, understanding, empathetic and caring students. The warning signs of suicide will help teachers recognize students who may be at risk for suicide.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize common mental health conditions, including ADHD, ODD and Anxiety, that a teacher may encounter in the classroom.
  • Review policies and procedures for safety in the classroom and school-wide.
  • Explain collaborative learning techniques to enhance cohesive classroom spaces.

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  • This course was a perfect addition to my toolbox. I have a child that has an unidentified mental disorder and struggles with a lot of what was mentioned in the text. I appreciate the content of this course and have shared with a friend that is going through a similar situation as myself. I know I will use this course as a tool to help not only my child, but future students that I will encounter.
    Ashley W.
  • This course has given me a new outlook on how important collaborative learning is in the classroom. I knew that students should experience some form of cooperative learning, but it seems from this course that this will become the future of how learning should take place inside the majority of classrooms to produce critical thinkers.
    Iris H.
  • The class was very easy to understand!
    Chelsea V.
  • This was my first course using the Professional Learning Board. I am planning to take more classes because of the online flexibility and course content.
    Ashley G.
  • This was so awesome! I am signing up for the next course as soon as I finish with this questionnaire.
    Audrey C.
  • The course was informational and easy to complete. I like the online format and being able to work on the assignments on my own time.
    Leslie H.
  • Good course. Nice to see some more in-depth examples of collaborative group work. Nice rubrics and peer evaluation forms.
    Julie S.
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