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Reading Across the Curriculum (5 Hours)

Reading Across the Curriculum (5 Hours)

Reading is an essential component of learning. Often, when students struggle with a specific subject matter it is because of poor reading instruction and underdeveloped reading skills.

Full of research-based reading instruction techniques, this course can be used across all content areas and grade levels to improve student achievement. Teacher learn new ideas for motivating students to read more and improve reading comprehension.

This online PD course provides tools, exercises, and additional resources that you can use to practice new skills. Dive into the world of reading instruction and get geared up to make your students proficient readers.

Online self-study PD courses help teachers complete continuing education requirements.

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  • Reading Across the Curriculum was packed with information and resources that I plan to access again in the future.
    Jean C.
  • It was actually a very good course - surprised me!
    Richard A.
  • The course was very easy to enroll in and the site very user friendly. I enrolled in the wrong class, only wanted hours not college credit and customer service worked it out.
    Treiste M.
  • This was a well-organized and informative course. The writing was awesome. I will use this information in my classroom. Thank you.
    Thomas B.
  • Easy to access and get set up. Very glad to be able to use this resource.
    Rebecca P.
  • great research!
    Phillip C.
  • The reading comprehension checklist is an excellent resource. It is applicable and based off of solid research and tried and tested methods.
    Emily B.
  • I feel I learned a great deal in this course that added to and supported things that I had learned or had done in my classroom in the past. Hopefully, this will allow me to make what I do to teach my students to read even more effective and enable me to better reach all learners.
    Jaci M.
  • Sections 2 and 3 were GREAT! Very interactive and meaningful.
    Jacqueline A.
  • This course was great! I was able to revisit some strategies I'd already learned, and learn new ones as well. I will definitely use many of these strategies when school starts again.
    Carrie F.
  • Many Reading strategies I will put into use immediately in my classroom activities and curriculum.
    Rachel S.
  • Some of the content was review. It was nice to review some previously known reading strategies. Some of the content was also new, and very beneficial.
    Emily J.
  • This course strengthened my belief that there are many factors that affect reading success.
    Erin T.
  • Thank you! The information was extremely helpful and more up to date from when I attended college.
    Richele S.
  • Information easy to read.
  • Thanks for the information on reading...I have a student that I work with as a Speech Pathologist who is struggling and I work with the teacher as extra help for him and this lesson has given me great insight as well as ideas to use to teach him and help him become a better reader! Thank you!
    Kim M.
  • No worries, this is an excellent format for re-licensing.
    Karen L.
  • Thank you for having this resource available to help meet licensure needs in a way that can fit into my schedule and finances!
    Joleen F.
  • I chose this course because I wanted to learn how to help my students improve their reading skills across different content areas as I work with them on various subjects within our science, social studies, and ELA curriculums. I didn't realize how closely this course would relate to my position as a speech-language pathologist.
    Diana C
  • This course has truly awakened my thoughts in regard to reading across the curriculum. I feel reinvigorated in some of my approaches to reading, specifically in regard to pre and post reading work and assessments. So many of the articles that I read throughout this course provided me with much needed insight and concrete facts about reading that I can use in discussion with parents, colleagues and my children's teachers. Just when I thought I might not have the time for another course, I am quickly reminded of how much there is to learn and how much I love learning about my craft!
    Alison V.
  • This course has given me ideas on how to help struggling readers in my classroom and ideas on activities that I can use to have students read more difficult texts. I am a little nervous about the implementation of Common Core standards as I am not a reading teacher. This course has made me more comfortable with some of the changes that are being made to classroom teaching. I think the selection in the course that helped me the most was the pre-reading and reading activities that had concrete ways to read a text in the classroom and how to link a text to prior knowledge. One of the key things I learned from this course is making sure children are surrounded with enough variety of texts to understand the content throughout all ages and grades.
    Christine W.
  • This course reaffirmed my belief in the importance of reading across the curriculum. I have definitely learned a great deal. This course taught me about the many factors that influence a student's reading success.
    Karen T.
  • This was convenient and the price was right. The course also opened my eyes to reading skills that I should have been teaching my students from the start.
    Julie H.
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