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How to Teach Online for the Classroom Teacher (5 Hours)

How to Teach Online for the Classroom Teacher (5 Hours)

As educators, we know that technology is a means, and now a must, to enhance student learning.

In this online PD course, teachers go through the process of preparing to teach online while also being introduced to a wide variety of helpful tools and resources.

Teaching in an online or hybrid classroom can be an uncomfortable adjustment for teachers, especially if they've never taught online before. But with the right training, classroom teachers can quickly become effective online teachers.

Online self-study PD courses help teachers complete continuing education requirements.

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  • This course provided a lot of information about online resources I was unaware of. Thank you for all the good tips and ideas from this course!
    Janice P.
  • This course was very informative and beneficial to my teacher education/professional development. The content was organized and presented in such a way that made it easy to understand and apply. I like that there is an option to work at your own pace & pause/play when need to - this is an excellent feature for those of us working at home! Thank you for putting this course together and I look forward to taking and completing more courses from the company.
    Nicole Y.
  • This course provided real tools that a teacher can use when designing an online course. Any educator would benefit from the resources and strategies provided.
    Shree P.
  • This course had a lot more amazing resources than I anticipated. It was extremely helpful.
    Sabrina S.
  • This course covers a great deal of topics which could help someone establish a good vernacular of internet tools and resources. I love that there was a video illustrating most concepts and helpful videos for tutorials on the tools! I think that really added a lot of value in this course, and all of the videos seemed to be really good. Thank you, Professional Learning Board! I appreciate that you've made this course, and appreciate even more that you've allowed so many people to take this in a time of need for them!
    Samuel S.
  • I learned about new websites that are available for online teaching. I will be able to use some of them immediately.
    Monique B.
  • Great content and usage of the LMS.
    Ryan E.
  • This course was fantastic because it introduced a lot of options for online coursework, it took safety seriously, and it encouraged teachers to try new things.
    Sarah G.
  • The videos in this class were very helpful! I really appreciated the variety of resources mentioned in the course.
    Ericka M.
  • This course was very informative! I can't wait to share it with other teachers in our building.
    Mary D.
  • It was a good introduction for me and I'm looking forward to developing specific tools, like LMS.
    Festus U.
  • Thank you for offering this wonderful course at this unusual time in our country. It was very helpful!
    Anne P.
  • In a typical school day, it is so difficult to find resources because technology changes so fast and there is a lack of true collaboration time with peers. Thanks for all of the resources, suggestions, and links!
    Pamela R.
  • Thank you very much, helped with how overwhelmed I felt!
    Kathy C.
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