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Cognitive Development Skills (15 Hours)

Cognitive Development Skills (15 Hours)

We all know brain plays a major role in learning, but few are aware of how. In a class where each child differs in his ability to learn, it is essential that educators know how the brain is related to the process of learning, in order to help facilitate student performance. Such knowledge will also give the educator an advantage when faced with the challenge of teaching a child with special needs. Cognitive Skills is a two part integrated course that will equip educators with extensive knowledge about the process of learning.

The first section, Cognitive Skills: Understanding Learning Challenges, will focus on the skills involved in learning and introduce you to various techniques and strategies on identifying a child with learning difficulties and to overcome their challenges. It also provides tips on how to make learning fun, challenging and different.

The second section, Accommodating All Learners, will help you understand more about various learning styles, and how these impact the way a student learns. You will gain knowledge about specific teaching approaches that can be used to reach and teach each learning style.

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  • This was a good refresher on things I learned during my teacher certification program. A lot of the content was a good reminder, and made me reflect on my current teaching situation and how I can improve. Helpful resources, that are not too overbearing.
    Aldea L.
  • Thank you for a quality online class experience! I look forward to more classes in the future!
    Kelly M.
  • Very satisfied.
    Cheryl P.
  • This course is a great eye opener for me. Thanks for your help.
    DzieDzom T.
  • I enjoyed the course very much. The content was perfect for school based speech therapists and I will be able to use the information with my students. Thank you.
    Molly J.
  • While some of the modules were very comprehensive and through in explaining (lesson 5,6), other modules seemed to have lots of information that didn't have a clear connection to the other content and was so general that it wasn't useful (lesson 1,3). However, the interactive features and articles/links were very interesting and useful.
    Jennifer M.
  • Wow. This was a bear, and I'm so glad I finished this first course.
    Kaja P.
  • I liked the interactive feature. I thought this course was very applicative towards my line of work.
    Laura P.
  • Excellent sequential presentation of information.
    Pam O.
  • Thank you for this convenient opportunity.
    Julie T.
  • I truly enjoyed the course.
    Suzanne P.
  • Great, thanks so much!
    Christina G.
  • I definitely like the flexibility of the online courses. I was very busy the first quarter of school and tried to finish the course but other urgent matters interfered. It was great to have the course available when I had the time to finish! (Please note: there was more reviewing due to the time interval but that actually was good for me.)
    Jill K.
  • This course is extremely informative. I am looking forward to my next course on ADD.
    Gilliam W.
  • Thank you. This was an interesting and very well put together course.
    Janis B
  • It was great.
    Andrea T.
  • Cognitive Skills was an excellent and timely course. As a Special Education teacher with 17 successful years of teaching experience, I found the course engaging, flowing with content new to me, and exactly what I needed in the the areas of cognition. Bravo to Dr. Ken Gibson!! We need more academics like this. Dr. Gibson is down-to-earth, authoritative, and funny. I could listen to him all day.
    Richard H.
  • This option makes it possible to conveniently accrue needed pd credits when needed. The content was really strong, it was a much better training than I had anticipated. Even though I have been exposed to these topics and concepts previously, it reminded me of things I had forgotten and deepened my knowledge about these things, in addition to giving me new tools to use and making me think about ways I could apply it to improve my teaching and learning practice.
    River K.
  • This course gave me the tools that I was looking for to help my students who needed me most. Very informative and useful lessons. Best ever.
    Starly S.
  • Of all of the classes I have taken thus far, I feel that "Cognitive Skills" was the one that presented me with the most new information I had not learned up to this point. While some of it was review, much of it was brand new to me and I loved learning about all of the different learning styles.
    Nichole W.
  • Excellent overall, informative. I like flexibility of being able to break up five-hour on-line course and log on and off as needed to accomodate my personal work and family schedule. Gave option to start up again on last page where I left off. Video demos helpful and interesting. 3. Concern/suggestion- Had some concerns about a few casual references used during ""DEMOS- Skill Building"" portion of video (Memory - Visualization segment)...though honest, seemed a bit inappropriate? I would suggest editing these statements out of video if possible? PLB Administrator: Thank you for your suggestion. We have placed this video in the cue for editing
    Jodi R.
  • I really do enjoy the set up of this website. I was very anxious at first about trying to find courses for my CEU credits. This site has made me a lot less stressful =)"
    Megan S.
  • It was a good course. Lots of information I knew but needed to review and update myself on.
    Janelle M.
  • I feel this is the strongest course I have taken so far, because it made the best use of non-lecture style (reading, since this is an online class) methods of delivery: analogies (very effective), video, and diagrams. Also, the resource list was helpful for future reference. I will use my lifetime subscription for this course b/c I will surely reference this material again during y professional work. Thank you!!
    Anika S.
  • I found the concept of teaching ""skills"" versus the facts/how-to of academics interesting; I'd like to see it applied in the college setting I teach in. I will be looking into it more...
    Lynne R.
  • I was very impressed with the quality and the presentation of the content -- it made for an engaging and enjoyable experience
    Nicole L
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