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Accommodating All Learners (5 Hours)

Accommodating All Learners (5 Hours)

Reach and teach all learners by examining 21st century student and educator strengths in this research-based course packed with strategies, resources, and tools. Participants will gain insight into both their own learning and teaching preferences as well as the learning styles of students.

Closely aligned with national standards and pedagogical goals, this online PD course addresses accommodation, modification, and adaptation of curriculum, materials, and instruction to appropriately meet the needs of varied students in achieving graduation standards (i.e., differentiated instruction).

Online self-study PD courses help teachers complete continuing education requirements.

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  • I really enjoyed the theory and also the practical applications/examples. It gave the learning a grounded feeling.
    Lindsey M.
  • The differentiation portion was review but a GREAT review. I enjoyed it and was pleased with the reminders. I would love for some younger teachers to go through that portion of the lessons. Excellent job. Thank you for having an online class to fulfill my teacher license renewal. I appreciated being able to do this course from home over the weekend and be ready to turn in my course work on Monday. Thanks!
    Aimee R.
  • Very helpful tips, information, and suggestions on how to implement the information in the classrooms. I especially enjoyed the technology suggestions and kinesthetic ideas. Very comprehensive.
    Cindy P.
  • This was a good refresher on things I learned during my teacher certification program. A lot of the content was a good reminder, and made me reflect on my current teaching situation and how I can improve. Helpful resources, that are not too overbearing.
    Aldea L.
  • I was very impressed with the quality and the presentation of the content -- it made for an engaging and enjoyable experience.
    Nicole L.
  • Course was good. A little slow to start. For me, the most interesting portions of the course were the parts that were not required, like the PLSI (completing it) and the excellent article by Mark Prensky. I really liked the case study at the end; it gave me an opportunity to observe synthesis of the ideas presented. It made me think about my own students more so than the other exercises. Very convenient program. Thank you!
    Anika S.
  • This course was very content rich. To have this information compiled in course was fantastic. Great course.
    Rita O.
  • It was a good course. Lots of information I knew but needed to review and update myself on.
    Janelle M.
  • There was good information presented, but I felt it was not synthesized. At times I felt like I was reading several different PowerPoint presentations that had been mashed together randomly. I am grateful that this online site exists to help me earn clock hours while I am not teaching.
  • The format of this online course was very easy to use.
    Beth H.
  • This was a great course. The material was detailed and I appreciate the hand-outs that could be saved/printed. I like how a few of the hand-outs showed the ways that research could be put into place practically in the classroom.
    Alicia S.
  • This option makes it possible to conveniently accrue needed pd credits when needed. The content was really strong, it was a much better training than I had anticipated. Even though I have been exposed to these topics and concepts previously, it reminded me of things I had forgotten and deepened my knowledge about these things, in addition to giving me new tools to use and making me think about ways I could apply it to improve my teaching and learning practice.
    River K.
  • First course in a relicensure program. I'm very happy with the flexibility the format offers as well as the content in the lesson.
    Maranda R.
  • Interesting course and easy to navigate.
    Anita D.
  • Learned a lot for this course. Very informative and applicable to daily teaching. Very good personal inventory and printable materials for use now and later. thank you.
    Michelle M.
  • This course is extremely informative. I am looking forward to my next course on ADD.
    Gilliam W.
  • I really appreciated the links to research articles and resources that I can reference.
    Beth H.
  • For my first class taken with Professional Learning Board, I am completely satisfied. I am glad I am working on my credits here.
    Jessica M
  • I enjoyed the course work, it kept me thinking beyond the five hours. I had to review many of my previous concepts and theories. Thanks.
    Paul C.
  • I truly enjoyed the course.
    Suzanne P.
  • Great content, easily navigated.
    Jenny M.
  • Thank you for providing this service so that teachers can work and learn at their own pace.
    Erika K.
  • I liked the interactive feature. I thought this course was very applicative towards my line of work.
    Laura P.
  • While some of the modules were very comprehensive and through in explaining (lesson 5,6), other modules seemed to have lots of information that didn't have a clear connection to the other content and was so general that it wasn't useful (lesson 1,3). However, the interactive features and articles/links were very interesting and useful.
    Jennifer M.
  • Good course with helpful links. I liked being able to download helpful links for future use.
    Luke M.
  • Absolutely loved this class and content!
    Lisa R.
  • Enjoyed the course.
    Dara S.
  • Excellent source for keeping up to date.
    Ruth D.
  • This was the first course that I have taken through Professional Learning Board. I appreciated being able to complete the class at my own pace. Thank you for making this available for license renewal.
    Lindsay W.
  • Very user friendly, time manageable, easy to navigate.
    Sheila R.
  • I really enjoyed taking this course Accommodating all Learners. I learned so many new strategies to use with my students. Thank you.
    Rosa E.
  • I enjoyed it!
    Marvin R.
  • I loved being able to get professional development for licensure renewal from my home at my convenience. It was so nice to be able to complete when I had time to do so. I love how I will have access to the course I took in order to get resources as I need them.
    Ashley S.
  • I thought the content was organized well and very informative!
    Bethany G.
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