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Virtual Field Trips (5 Hours)

Virtual Field Trips (5 Hours)

Field trips help students make connections between classroom learning and the world. However, they aren’t always practical due to budget constraints, safety concerns, or learning needs.

Virtual field trips are an effective alternative to traditional field trips because of accessibility, ease, and interactivity. They are cost-effective, safe to use, and break down geographical and learning barriers. Virtual field trips work well for all types of classrooms.

In this online PD course, teacher discover innumerable tips and resources to plan, create, and customize virtual trips and cater to their students’ needs. Take classroom learning beyond the confines of the classroom.

Online self-study PD courses help teachers complete continuing education requirements.

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  • Great course! Loved the tips and especially the valuable links. Very encouraging to seriously pursue the use of VFTs in the classroom.
    Cindy P.
  • The course gave me a new perspective on Virtual Field Trips that I would see myself using in the future.
    Anna T.
  • This was a very informative subject for me, since I have never used it my classroom. I certainly will use virtual field trips this year. I enjoyed the hands on strategies and real life examples provided in this course which made it engaging and interesting to study. I think this year I will try to create my own virtual tour of my family and the countries I've visited to introduce myself to my class on the first day of school!
    Faye N.
  • I enjoyed the Virtual Field Trip class and plan on utilizing it this school year! Thank you PLB!
    Rhonda F.
  • I really enjoyed this course! I found it to have a lot of great information and resources. Thank you!
    Stephanie M.
  • I thought I knew a lot about virtual field trips. I learned a lot of additional useful information to help me to improve student achievement in the classroom setting.
    Margaret B.
  • Thank you for introducing and equipping this amazing tool for the classroom. I really appreciate the examples, resources, and forms.
    Louisa O.
  • I got a lot of great links and some really great ideas for assessments. THANK YOU!
    Rebecka R.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed this course! Really valuable information presented in easily digestible format.
    Laura T.
  • I really enjoyed the chance to explore the areas one can research to create a virtual field trip. I have used technology for pre and post real field trips, however, never for virtual. This lesson was well created for all teachers. Thank you!
    Angela O.
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