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MN Requirements Package #2 (40 Hours)

MN Requirements Package #2 (40 Hours)

The MN Requirements Package #2 includes 7 self-study courses (5 or 10 hours each) for a total 40 hours of professional development, including the Mandatory Renewal Requirements in Minnesota.

Don't need the accommodation, modification, adaptation of curriculum materials and strategies? Check out this package!

Minnesota Requirements Package #2 (40 Hours)
# Hours
Accommodating All Learners:
Accommodation, Modification, and Adaptation of Curriculum
Cultural Compentency:
Cultural Competency and Reflective Teaching
Mental Health:
Recognition of Early-onset Mental Health Illness in Children & Adolescents
Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies:
Transformative Classroom Management
Reading Instruction:
Early Reading Skills
Suicide Prevention:
Suicide Prevention
Teaching English Language Learners:
Language Acquisition

Online self-study PD classes help teachers complete continuing education and renewal requirements.

  • Start ANY Time
  • All ONLINE 24x7
  • No Textbook Needed
  • Includes ALL Content
  • Complete ANY Time over 5 years
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion for each course

  • Content was really interesting, important to have knowledge of what is next for my EHS and PreK students. Content also very consistent with early childhood literacy practices I employ.
    Judith S.
  • This is one of the best courses I've ever taken. I appreciate how it's paced/ broken up, that there was a course outline (which very much attracted me to this particular one) and how things were presented. I feel this information is so basic... not that it should be dismissed as obvious but rather SO important that every single school would do well to reexamine and reflect on what strategies are ineffective and why and compare to what would be better and how to make conscious and helpful changes. The best courses treat their teachers how they want their students to be treated. The spirit of learning and grace and forward movement is so present. I'm so glad to have taken this course. I wish this course was more widely available outside of teaching. Anyone at all that interacts with kids could benefit; this is humanity and we all need to be in on how to create spaces that honor the basic needs of people at any age. I truly wish non-educators would also take this course. THANK YOU.
    Briza B.
  • This was a perfect set-up to meet the Minnesota guidelines for renewing a teaching license. Thank you for this... It was easy to work with and follow.
    Debra B.
  • Thank you for providing an easy and online way for re-licensure materials for those of us that are on a leave. It is much appreciated and way more valuable to my learning.
    Cecilia C.
  • Thank you for your wonderful customer service support. I was very impressed when I called in for assistance.
    Ryan W.
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