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Early Reading Skills (5 Hours)

Early Reading Skills (5 Hours)

The development of early literary and reading skills are the foundation for every student’s education. Gain a comprehensive understanding of challenges that hold potential readers back, including phonological impairments and reading disorders. Adopt best science-research-based reading strategies to tackle these including use of explicit, systematic, and sequential approaches to reading instruction, developing phonemic awareness, and implementing multisensory intervention strategies.

An incredibly useful tool for teachers looking to unlock their students’ reading potential, this online PD course is a must-have for teachers.

Online self-study PD courses help teachers complete continuing education requirements.

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  • Wealth of information!!! Amazing resources!
    Miguel I.
  • It was a very good review for me.
    Bruce W.
  • This course is very well laid out. I gained more knowledge in this course and a much better breakdown of skills than I did in reading instruction course for my degree.
    Stephanie L.
  • This was excellent information about reading and literacy. But as a secondary educator, I feel like most of what I learned is applied in early stages of development. I would like to see more content on how to help middle and high schoolers with reading strategies.
    Megan B.
  • The resource list at the end of this course was extensive and helpful. Some of the apps were new to me.
    Gloria D.
  • This course was precise but was informative.
    Seung R.
  • The video examples showing what the technique looks like in the classroom are very useful.
    Michael D.
  • Thank you! Material is very helpful and applicable.
    Joan K.
  • Very good reading refresher course!
    Christol M.
  • There was some information that I remember learning in college, but there was also a lot of new information I appreciate seeing the videos and getting an idea of how teachers used this in their classroom.
    Andrea B.
  • This was an excellent class. Very clear.
    Amy M.
  • Basics of teaching reading through phonics was very helpful.
    Tracy O.
  • I liked the videos of teachers teaching skills!
    Laura S.
  • Thank you for making this class available for license renewal!
    Lisa R.
  • This was the best course I have taken from Professional Learning Board. The content was very relevant and practical. I hope there is a teacher’s guide to this info for easy access to use some day. I hope it can be put into many reading curriculum guides so teachers can easily use.
    Lisa E.
  • I will be able to utilize a lot of these skills and strategies in my own classroom. Thank you.
    Chuck S.
  • Great information. I really enjoyed the "see it in action" classroom videos. The videos helped me to connect with what I was learning. Having the opportunity to be taught through modeling and this visual component made this an effective training for me.
    Jill H.
  • I learned many new ideas and concepts.
    Kathi P.
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